In the process of learning the drum, do you want to let the children participate in the competition?

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Huang Jingxuan has been studying drums for more than three years and is now a sixth-grade child.

In the third grade, I started to learn the drums. Compared with many kindergartens, I started to catch the drum sticks. It gives people a feeling that it is late.

However, even senior jazz drum teachers say that learning jazz drum age is not a problem at all. As long as the talent is good enough, hard work and hard work, it is to go to college and start learning again.

Handsome and boring

Before the third grade, Huang Jingxuan's main instrument was ukulele;

Once I saw the big brothers in the training school playing the jazz drums, I was hit by the handsome on the stage. I went home and said to my mother: I have to learn the drums!

What Huang Jingxuan didn't think was that the beginning of learning the drums did not go as far as he imagined, and he entered the stage of “handsomeness”. At the beginning, he had to play dumb drums and practice basic skills, which was boring and boring.

The love for the drums, after all, let Huang Jingxuan survive this period. Three months later, he had his own set of drums.

In addition to practicing basic skills, he likes to study his favorite songs and come to some improvisations.

Gold and frustration

After that, he ushered in the first important competition of the drummer's career: the 12th "Deyi Shuangxin" Chinese Literature Exhibition Activity Fujian Division;

In this competition, Huang Jingxuan performed well and stood out and won the gold medal!

The gold medal in the Fujian Division is eligible to participate in the national finals. It was in the finals that there was an unexpected situation.

At that time, the drum provided by the competition was not set up. After Huang Jingxuan took the stage, he found that the position of the cymbal was too far, and it was not a normal state.

But once I had no experience, and the second was shy, I didn’t ask it, I could only knock it down.

In this way, although she won the silver medal, Huang Jingxuan still feels very lost.

——When summing up the experience, my mother said something to him. The general meaning is: the meaning of the game is to participate and accumulate experience;

The children who can enter the finals are very good, believe in yourself; adjust your position before going to power next time!

In this way, Huang Jingxuan completed a very meaningful "frustration study", and on the stage, he knows how to complete a drum in the best state.

This is the meaning of a lot of competitions. Only when the children are placed on the stage of everyone's attention, the learning results of TA will be truly displayed;

The speed at which individuals enter the state and the way they deal with emergencies, the details that cannot be reflected in the basic skills of training, will get the best exercise in actual combat.

Pattern and growth

Mom and Dad feel that it is a wise choice to let Huang Jingxuan learn to drum.

Some parents will feel that the children will learn to use the instrument will be ruined, but my mother thinks that Huang Jingxuan has a role in promoting learning after learning the drums!

Before Huang Jingxuan was a little shy and awkward, after learning the drums, the stage was cool and handsome, and the audience was completely changed.

With this speciality, the teacher often makes him perform, and the child becomes more and more confident. Whether it is learning, or the popularity of the class, it has improved a lot!
Now Huang Jingxuan maintains the habit of practicing for more than an hour every day.

He passed the seven-level exam, took several gold awards, and went to the "Spring Festival Evening" of Fuzhou Children's Channel. The mother said happily: "Take the child's blessing and see what a TV station is like." ".
Yes, participating in the competition will give parents and children more surprises and professional experience, which will become a key factor in breaking the learning bottleneck.

Children who learn the better the jazz drum will gain more confidence and tolerance.

Such confidence and tolerance are a full positive energy for a growing child, and can produce wonderful enhancements and linkages with his study and life.
This is the meaning of the game, the meaning of the drum, the meaning of growth.


2016: The 12th "German Arts and Crafts" Chinese Art Exhibition Event Fujian Team Drum Gold Award

2016: The 12th "German Arts and Crafts" Chinese Art Exhibition National Finals Drums Silver Award

2017: First Prize of “2017 Spring Festival Evening Talent Competition” of Fuzhou Children's Channel

2017: National Primary and Secondary School Students' Art Education Achievements Exhibition Event Fujian Division Drums Gold Award

2018: Gold Medal for the Chinese and Thai Youth International Art Festival

2018: National Primary and Secondary School Students' Art Education Achievements Exhibition Event Fujian Division Drums Gold Award