Ask the child, can you hear someone else playing the drums wrong?

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Sun Kexin began to learn drums in the big class, and now it has been five years.

From ignorant young children to "small adults" who already have their own opinions, there are days when jazz drums accompany them to grow up, and every day is full of the power of progress.

Indefatigable heat

Sun Kexin's study of the jazz drum is the biggest impression. In his five years of learning, he has never been retreating and tired. He seems to have a solid soul link with the jazz drum; he has an innate interest. With passion.

At first, the parents felt that he was introverted and felt that the jazz drum was a very "distracted", very embarrassing instrument, and he took him to study.

In the eyes of the teacher, introversion often means obedience, sensibility, and endurance. The ability to understand is higher than that of children of the same age. It can also accumulate basic skills in a solid manner. The shortcoming is that the stage is not expressive enough.

At the beginning, Sun Kexin played a serious expression on the stage, and the teacher and parents changed his way to encourage him. Slowly, even in the face of hundreds of performances, he can play freely, HOLD live in the audience.

My mother still remembers Sun Kexin's first performance. After the music is finished, Sun Kexin still has not stopped the drum stick. He is immersed in the joy of playing the stage and hitting. In this way, with the constant heat, Sun Kexin's skills are more and more sophisticated.

Drumming promotes learning

Parents never feel that learning drums can affect learning. Drumming can cultivate hand and foot coordination ability, which is a kind of development for the brain; on the other hand, Sun Kexin's original introverted personality has also become cheerful because of drumming.

In addition, there are more homework, tired of learning, and practicing drums. It is another kind of learning, but it is also a kind of vent.

Every time Sun Kexin practiced drums at home, he was very committed, and parents listened, and it was also a kind of enjoyment.

Now that I am getting better and better, my mother laughs and says that she can't keep up. The next study is done by himself. At this time, interest becomes the best guide.

a child who can study the score

Sun Kexin will not only play, but also listen.

When participating in the competition, all the good players gathered, listening to it below, Sun Kexin will communicate with her mother: This is not right, this drum has not stepped on... At first, the mother still does not believe, ask the teacher, the teacher also said Sun Kexin That's right.

Sun Kexin's talent for the jazz drum is far more than that. With the accumulation of drums, his interest is no longer limited to the content of the textbook. He often tells the teacher his favorite songs and studies the drums with the teacher. In actual performance, he can add a lot of his own ideas.

Therefore, when Sun Kexin participated in the competition, his participation in the repertoire was often unique and left a deep impression on the judges.

The basic skills are solid and can bring a sense of freshness. This is Sun Kexin's excellency, and it is far from the children who can only repeat the scores in a rigid way.

After five years of study, I have passed the Nine-Level Examination, and there are many awards; the jazz drum brought to Sun Keyin is the comprehensive improvement of music theory, technology, expressiveness, individuality and way of thinking. On the road to growth, there are jazz drums, the future is clearer, and the road is more confident.


1. In December 2015, in the “Asian Stars” National Art Talents Education Achievement Exhibition Shandong Division, the African Drum Children's Group Special Gold Award.

2. In December 2015, in the “Asian Stars” National Art Talents Education Achievement Exhibition Shandong Division, the drum group children's group special gold award.

3. In February 2016, in the “Asian Stars” National Art Talents Education Achievements Exhibition National Finals, African Drum Ensemble Junior Group A Special Gold Award.

4. In February 2016, in the National Finals of the “Asian Stars” National Art Talents Education Achievement Exhibition, the drum group Junior Group A Special Gold Award.

5. June 2016 Dandelion Youth Outstanding Artists Selection Competition Children's Group Gold Award.

6.2016 The 10th Hong Kong International Youth Arts Festival Children's Group A Gold Award.

7.2017 Participated in the 9th World Chinese Youth Art Festival Children's Group A African Drum Gold Award.

8.2017 The first Qingdao Youth TV Talent Competition Primary School Group B Gold Award.

9.June 2017 won the first prize of the primary school group in the tube music performance of the 27th Primary and Secondary School Art Festival in Qingdao.

10. In November 2017, the Southern District Primary and Secondary School Instrumental Music Competition was awarded the first prize.

This issue is especially grateful to Qingdao Xingnuo Art Music Co., Ltd. for its support.