Drum and percussion FAQ

Q: How old is the drums to learn?

A: At the age of 7, some children have other music foundations that can start at 6 years old.

Q: Can I use adult drums for 6-7 years old?

A: Yes, but use a lower drum stool.

Q: Do children have to use each drum and cymbal to lower it, otherwise it will be too far?

A: Yes, others should be lowered.

Q: What is the teaching mode of drumming?

A: The general drum is to learn the basic skills of the snare drum first, and then learn the overall rhythm of hands and feet, but according to the age of the child to arrange teaching, generally children are basic skills and rhythm for the knock. The difference between drums and other instruments is that the drum is dominated by rhythm, the rhythm is accurate and rhythmic. Although it has no melody, it is necessary to understand the melody to get the rhythm of the song.

Q: Can drums be taught remotely on the Internet?

A: It is very difficult to teach classes remotely by drumming. It is better to find videos to learn by yourself than to teach them remotely. It is very difficult to master and listen to many movements of drums, especially children.

Q: What if I am too noisy when practicing drums?

A: You can add the Mok Micro Sound System Kit to the original drum.

Q: What are the benefits of children learning jazz drums?

A: The jazz drum is a Western percussion instrument. Learning jazz drums can perform solo, and can also be used as an ensemble of percussion in various orchestras, and lay a good foundation for learning other instruments;

B not only plays the role of fitness, but also relieves and releases the negative emotions such as stress, depression, and indignation in the human subconscious, so that people can maintain good physical and mental health;

C The agility of thinking is also improved while exercising the coordination of the limbs. The better the drums are, the smarter people become;

D Through the learning and performance of the drum kit, the students' self-confidence is obviously enhanced, the personality is displayed, the music literacy is improved, and the artistic temperament is enhanced.

E The children who have learned the drums know that after the children have learned the drums, it is easier to learn piano dances, etc. It is easier to learn the drums and learn the other instruments. The music is the teacher's eugenics. Music includes three elements. : Rhythm (Drums-like instruments) Harmony (Piano instruments) Melody (cucurbits such as cucurbits) Among the three major elements, the rhythm is the most important harmony melody that must be based on the rhythm. Rhythm can exist alone. Harmony and melody cannot exist alone.

Q: Does learning a drum set have an effect on your child's ears?

A: There is no substantive impact. If you are attending a group class, you need to have a stop earplug for each student to protect your ears. There is also a poor quality drum for the children's ears will also have an impact! However, in the study of the world jazz drums, there has been very little news that the jazz drums have had a great impact on the ears. That is to say, parents and friends do not have to worry about this aspect. Under the correct guidance of the teacher, it is reasonable to control the volume. .