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One after another, the young figure struggling to hit is in our field of vision.

Their achievements, their stories

Must be able to inspire you and be motivated

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Strong young, then strong in China

Let us in the name of the child

Hit the drum sound left for the future

How old is your child starting to play drums? Small class? Three years old? Today, our little spokesperson Zhang Yuying began to play drums at the age of one.

Because Dad is a music teacher and has his own percussion studio, Zhang Yuying plays drums and can be said to be a family craft.

One year old, I went to my father's percussion studio to play, and there was a lot of knocking around, which made people look forward to her future achievements. In this way, Zhang Yuying embarked on a trip to her destined jazz drum.

Father's banner

Zhang Dad is a music teacher, has his own percussion studio, and also plays the team. Speaking of the jazz drum, Zhang’s feelings are professional and profound.

In the eyes of Zhang Dad, in recent years, the popularity of pop, rock music, the emergence of bands around, the holding of various events, the drums have quietly entered our lives.

What is the jazz drum? Of course, the soul of the band is the skeleton and shelf of music.

The jazz drum industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The textbooks range from "Little Stars" to college textbooks to the Emperor, Dream Theatre, Linear, Style...

The style of music is also from pop, rock to funk, Latin, jazz, fusion, SOLO, etc. This is the gospel of children learning jazz drums in this era.

For Ying Ying, Dad is a teacher, and the practice of companionship and competition has become the norm.

My father’s understanding of the jazz drums is very eye-catching. For other children, the drums are academic; but for Ying Ying, the drum is life, the wealth that her father gave her.

Growing playmate

Zhang Yuying used the jazz drum as a toy and playmate since she was a child. She is relaxed and happy when playing drums!

Girls learn to drum, in terms of quantity, naturally less than boys, but in the eyes of Zhang Dad, there is no difference between boys and girls learning drums.

Because girls are more mature than their male counterparts, they can be more careful and hard-working.

Interest is the best teacher. Ying Ying’s road to learning drums is easy. Dad will also ask her for some pressure to keep her pressure.

In such an environment, Yan Ying will have a period of progress every once in a while.

The drumming of Ying Ying has gained more people's approval, and the people around him have given her continuous encouragement.

The classmates and friends around me said that she is very handsome in drumming and she is envious of her frequent performances.

Forward flash

Dad was most impressed, and the first “milestone” about Yan Ying’s drum was August 2014.

That time, she took her out of the province for the first time, went to Jinzhou to participate in the 6th Drummers Finals and the 2nd National Walking Percussion Finals. Yan Ying saw the big scene, saw the performance level of the same age children, and found the gap and set goals. And implemented in a planned way, and made great progress.

Yan Ying is now "very busy." At school, she is the head of the school's women's marching percussion group and the minister of the multi-drum.

—— This heroic and persistent women's percussion orchestra is the first pure percussion group in the area.

In addition, Zhang Yuying is also a drummer and captain of the school electroacoustic band.

Yan Ying participated in the National Drummer Competition and has a part of the arranger arrangement.

This is a very challenging part. For this reason, Ying Ying often shuts herself up in the drum room and “closes the door to build a car”.

The jazz drum is a companion to Yan Ying’s growth. The annual grading, competition and performance constitute an important part of her childhood memories.

She will also learn to persist in practicing drums, learn to be brave, develop thinking, learn to innovate and grow up happily.

——This is the meaning of the jazz drum in the eyes of Dad, and it is worth sharing with all the parents.